2013-2014 Branch Board

Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek 2013-2014 Executive Board Members, Installation May 30, 2013

Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek 2013-2014 Executive Board Members, Installation May 30, 2013. Left to right, Installing officer Mary Mix, President-elect Mary Ellen Blake, Co vice president programs Mimi Knox, Co President Karen Large, Co President Loretta Alsthuler, Co vice president programs Jo-Anne Lyons, Co vice president membership Susan Terzuolli, Co Secretary Olga Erbe, Installing Officer Marcia Steinhardt. Absent: Co membership vice president Elizabeth Williams, AAUW Funds vice president Carol Kennedy,Co Secretary Nell Fraser, Treasurer Joyce Tenney.

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2013-2014 Executive and Appointed Board

Executive Board Position

Board Member

Co-Presidents Loretta Altshuler, Karen Large
President Elect Mary Ellen Blake
Programs Co-VPs Mimi Knox, Jo-Anne Lyons
Membership Co-VPs Susan Terzuoli, Liz Williams
AAUW Funds VP Carol Kennedy
Secretary Olga Erbe
Treasurer Joyce Tenney


Appointed Position

Board Member

Advertising Managers Kathie Hixon, Jennifer Krommenhoek
Advocate Editor Holly Sauer
Advocate Assistant Editor Marcia Steinhardt
Advocate Circulation Manager Pat Foster
Corresponding Secretary Pat Gross
Database Manager Kerry Montalvo
Directory Manager Dora-Thea Porter
eMail Manger TBD
EYH Co-Chairs Pam Burdusis, Iris Stone
Graphic Designer Dora-Thea Porter
Garden Tour Co-Chairs Mary Holzheimer, Kathy McKnight
Holiday Home Tour Co-Chairs Anna Freitas, Jane Stimpson
Hospitality Chair Judy Lauper
International Relations Chair Marian Bliss
Local Scholarship Lynn Goodwin
Parliamentarian Holly Sauer
Public Policy Co-Chairs Asha Bajaj, Joan Conley
Publicity Chair Tena Gallagher
Tech Trek Chair Helga Glasson
Webmaster Teresa Cheung
Women’ s History Chair Holly Sauer
Women’s Issues Co-Chairs Bev Nidick, Cynthia Savell