Branch Board 2022-23

Co-Presidents Chris Ritter and Joanne Quijano

Elected Officers:

Co-President Joanne Quijano
Co-President Chris Ritter
President Elect Open
Programs VP Tanya Earls
Membership VP Liz Peters
Funds VP Lupe Cerrone
Secretary Cindy Dragomanovich
Treasurer Monika Witte

Appointed Officers: 

Advertising Sales Manager Open
Advocate Editor Roseann Krane
Advocate Circulation Mgr Susetta Welm
Corresponding Secretary Julie Grisham
Communications Manager Open
Database Manager Joanne Quijano
DEI Officer Teresa Cheung
Directory Manager Joanne Quijano
Expanding Your Horizons Chair Judy Lauper
Fundraising Chair Pat Morris
Garden Tour Chair Bette Felton
Graphic Designer Deborah Wechsler
Hospitality Chair Becky Bhatt
Local Scholarship Co-Chairs Robin Halloran
Liz Williams
Local Scholarship Treasurer Deborah Wechsler
Membership Treasurer Tena Gallagher
Nominating Committee Open
Parliamentarian Deborah Wechsler
Publicity Chair Linda Jimerson
Public Policy Chairs Asha Bajaj
Ogie Strogatz
Social Media Manager Isabel Lau
Tech Trek Chair Deborah Wechsler
Technology Team Chair Teresa Cheung
Web Master Teresa Cheung

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