Our Sponsors

Thank you, Sponsors!

Our branch recently launched a new corporate sponsorship program for companies who want to support our branch’s initiatives. We are pleased to announce our first two corporate sponsors that donated funds toward our Tech Trek program:



As a software leader in building a next-gen Edge OS for cloud workspaces, IGEL believes in the power of females and diversity in tech. We have prioritized hiring and empowering females and are proud to sponsor an aspiring 8th-grade student in the Tech Trek Science and Math Camp at Sonoma State University (the alma mater of our CEO, Jed Ayres).

Alima Technologies


Alima Technologies is an early-stage tech startup company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Foundational to Alima are its values, which include “giving back individually and corporately” by looking for ways to help the communities we can impact. Being a tech company, Alima recognizes the importance of giving everyone the chance to succeed in the industry regardless of gender, race, or background. Alima is proud to sponsor AAUW-DAW to help open these opportunities.


We encourage you to check out their websites to learn about these companies. If you have suggestions for other corporations that might be willing to donate toward our branch’s programs, please learn more about our sponsorship opportunities here and contact our Fundraising Outreach Chair,  Maryam Alexandrian-Adams .  We are soliciting funding for both Tech Trek and Local Scholarships project funds.