Jan 2024 DEI on Zoom

The DEI Committee on Zoom:
January 9, 2024, Meeting Highlights

At our January meeting, DEI Officer Teresa Cheung reported that the committee’s unanimous support for national AAUW to drop the degree requirement for membership has been shared with our Board. (All AAUW members across the country will have the opportunity to vote this spring on whether or not to maintain the degree requirement.)

Kathie Hixon provided an update about the April branch membership meeting that the Committee will host. Our program objective is to deepen knowledge and understanding about people who identify as transgender. Taylor denBroeder and Elisa Tinker, leaders of Danville/San Ramon PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) will lead the presentation.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of DEI in the context of challenges facing local school boards. Public Policy Chair Laurinda Ochoa described her experience observing San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board meetings since 2022. Laurinda has served on the AAUW California School Board Project Team since its launch last July. She provided an overview of the Team’s work to support school board members who advocate for honest, inclusive public education statewide. Rebecca Radulovich, who retired after 34 years of teaching at Sunol Glen School, described persistent, heated dialogue among Sunol Glen School District Board members regarding the flying of the Pride flag. The controversy has culminated in a current effort to recall two of the three Board members.