AAUW Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek Branch History

In 1967 the Walnut Creek Branch, American Association of University Women, established a Danville-Alamo Section, recognizing the growing number of women living in the San Ramon Valley with degrees from colleges and universities. Bethany Hall and Sandy Varco chaired the section for two years. In the spring of 1969, urged by the California State Division of AAUW, the section invited members of the newly formed Half Moon Bay Branch to meet with the local group for advice on formation of a new branch. A meeting was held at the home of Patty Hart. A vote was taken and it was decided to form a Danville-Alamo Branch. Suzanne Fisher was elected temporary chairman. Jeanne Brooding Ryan was selected to chair the first nominating committee.

A charter was granted on June 13,1969 and the following women were elected as charter officers of the Branch: Sandy Varco, president; Bethany Hall, president-elect; Arlene Baker, first vice- president; Sharon Jensen, second vice-president; Marion Worral, recording secretary; Suzanne Fisher, corresponding secretary; and Kaye Madsen, treasurer.

The following were charter members: Nancy Johnson Adolphson, Norma Hamburg Anderson, May Kay Meddaugh Anderson, Dorothy Eggers Baker, Arlene Kay Baker, Janis Morgan Balaban, Jeanne Kinney Brooding Ryan, Dorothy Leiz Brose, Mary Stewart Broussard, Phyllis Fitz Callaghan, Carol Barkstrom Carney, Joann Christenson Caspar, Daphne Lingas Clements, Marillyn Weisbender Cozine, Betty Repasz Cramer, Sue Magnuson De Voe, Judith Peterson Dobbins, Irma McGinnis Dotson, Martha Holbrook Douglas, Judith Larson Edwards, Joan Lawson Enos, Barbara Boysen Evans, Marian Thiel Falk, Doris Smith Feltrup, Suzanne Alexander Fisher, Carole Cardoza Foster, Margaret Stanley Freeman, Barbara Lowrey Gohl, Linda Beck Greene, Winifred Varco Haagensen, Bethany Hoot Hall, Carol Rising Ham, Patty Farrell Hart, Helen Cook Harvey, Julia Pink Henderlong, Lynne Collins Henze, Elaine Stormer Hinkson, Mary Jane Lintz Hughes, Bonnie MacMillan Hutchins, Sharon Smith Jensen, Linda Beers Johnson, Helen Hines Johnston, Laura Beck Lambert, Jean Everett Livermore, Rita Pelz Lucas, Nancy Brown Lundin, Catherine McArthur Madsen, Jeanett McCabe McCluer, Marilyn Brownlee McCurdy, Dona Griffith Morris, Claudia Mauzy Nemir, Marilyn McDonald O’Connell, Norine Palmer Ross, Julia Nan Rodekohr, Claire Schrick Schlaman, Gail Kungel Solt, Sharon Foster Strong, Elizabeth Brown Teed, Colleen Sullivan Tovey, Elaine Holmes Triemer, Carolyn “Casey” Black Underwood, Sandra Carley Varco, Sandra Rose Welke, and Marian Fontaine Worrall.

Since its chartering the Branch has been an effective force in the community, active in the traditional AAUW areas of concern and interest, the community, international relations, cultural interests and education. The branch has implemented an ongoing concern for the status of women and has maintained an active interest in legislation. An early project was the establishment of a balance of nature flannel board ecology show for the primary grades in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Annually the Branch sponsors a Conference for Women in the Community. During the Bicentennial celebration, the Branch members designed an historical quilt, stitching squares depicting historical sights in Contra Costa County. They also provided a readers’ theater presentation of women in American History for the schools and service clubs in the San Ramon Valley.

With sincere thanks and appreciation to Claudia Mauzy Nemir for the history of the Danville-Alamo Branch of AAUW, and her permission to use it in part or whole. (pp 98-99)

*Jones, Virgie V. Historical Persons and Places … San Ramon Valley., Alamo: Morris-Burt Press, 1977

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