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Open Membership voting in the Spring

(February 2021) AAUW National sent out email informing us that in the Spring we will be asked to vote whether to open up the AAUW membership to women without a degree. Our branch board encourages you to think about this so that you will be ready to vote when we are asked to.

From Julia T. Brown, Esq., Board chair:

This spring, the AAUW membership will vote on an important proposal to amend the AAUW bylaws to open membership and eliminate the degree requirement to join AAUW. The national AAUW Board of Directors strongly supports the proposal, along with dozens of member leaders across the country. We believe this is an essential step toward making AAUW a more diverse and inclusive organization, better aligned with our mission, values and the needs of women today.

Now through February 5, 2021, you can provide thoughts and comments on the proposed changes to the AAUW bylaws as well as proposed changes to the Public Policy Priorities. To learn more about the proposed changes and submit your feedback, please visit the election page on the AAUW website.”

AAUW National membership dues increase

(January 2021) Starting Fiscal year 2022, you will be seeing a bump in the amount of your annual dues that goes to AAUW National. The following letter from Julia T. Brown at the National AAUW office describes why AAUW National decided to raise dues. Note that the amount of the dues mentioned in her letter is the amount that goes to the National AAUW office. The total amount of dues that you pay each year also includes another $20 that goes to AAUW at the state level and $21 that goes to our branch.

The following letter is from Julia T. Brown:

“At its October 16, 2020, meeting, the AAUW Board of Directors voted to increase Individual Member dues for the next three years. The dues will rise by $3 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, $5 for FY 2023 and $5 for FY 2024, making the total dues amount for those years $62, $67 and $72, respectively. All but $3 of your annual dues remains tax deductible.

This decision wasn’t made lightly. The board members couldn’t be more grateful for our members — or prouder of the work you’ve done this year. We also recognize that all of us are navigating numerous challenges in these uncertain times. However, in order to preserve the viability of this organization we all love, the board needed to take action. Simply put, this measure is essential for AAUW to continue our mission to achieve gender equity.

Most nonprofits adjust their dues annually or every other year to keep pace with inflation and rising expenses. However, due to prudent budgetary management, AAUW has been able to keep its dues flat since July 2018. That means that, by the time the first scheduled increase takes effect, we will have maintained three years of dues stability. Moreover, in recognition of the difficult economy we’re in, the board planned for the initial adjustment to be the most modest. Over the course of the year, it works out to be only an additional 25 cents per month—what we hope is a small price to pay for maintaining our important work and community.

Current life members will not be affected by this change. New life memberships acquired after July 1, 2021, will reflect the higher dues’ amounts. College and university membership fees will remain unchanged.

Please reach out to us with any feedback or concerns. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to AAUW and our mission. On behalf of the AAUW Board, we are grateful for your understanding and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Sincerely, Julia T. Brown, Esq. Board Chair