AAUW 5 Star Program

DAW Branch Awarded Five Stars for 2020-21!

AAUW 5-Star Program recognizes branch organizations that fully support and align with our common mission. In 2020-21, our Danville Alamo Walnut Creek branch completed each of the milestones required to achieve five-star status with our national AAUW organization.   The areas of achievement included:  mission-base programs, advancement of Greatest Needs FUND donations, communications and external relations, public policy and research and governance, and sustainability.

Making a Difference with Our Five Star  Achievements

Our 2020 branch member survey sent us a clear message that, even in the face of COVID restrictions, our members wanted make things happen!  We settled on three branch priorities for the year:  increase member engagement with advocacy and social engagement opportunities, find new pandemic-adapted fundraisers to support our mission-base projects and increase community support for AAUW and our mission.

The Five-Star framework guided us to include a broad spectrum of action opportunities in our plan, with the following results:

  • We hosted six mission-based programs.
  • We inspired the majority of our members to switch AAUW FUND support to “Greatest Needs”.
  • We greatly expanded our external communications through social media, zoom meetings, updated branch website, and aggressive event promotion to the public.
  • We supported Public Policy with a GOTV post-card writing campaign, added a Public Policy. column to our newsletter, supported two public policy programs and attended Lobby Day.
  • We drafted a leadership plan to carry us forward as our needs change, and implemented three new fundraisers that were social distancing-friendly.

Using the Five Star program, we were able to organize and implement a comprehensive action plan that addressed our branch priorities, aligned our activities with national focus areas and also strengthened our branch for the future.   Our branch is proud to make a difference supporting the Five-star framework!

The 2021-22 program is underway now and we are dedicated to achieving Five Star status again.  Click here for a full program description  of the 2021-22 program.