AAUW Hospitality Neighborhood Groups


The Hellebore Neighborhood Group celebrating Mardi Gras at Clementine’s February 4, 2016


2017-2018 Hospitality Co-Chairs:

Norma Spencer
Elle Bonner



To create a sense of inclusion among AAUW members by building neighborhood friendships and providing a close membership support system.

Administrative Role

The Hospitality Chair will:

  • Provide direction and support for each of the neighborhood hosts.
  • Inform neighborhood hosts when members have a change in their contact information.

Neighborhood Hosts will:

  • Arrange for their group to meet one or more times a quarter to create and maintain friendships.
  • Contact new members to provide an immediate link to the AAUW organization and their neighborhood group host.
  • Attempt to provide car pool support to neighborhood members for AAUW activities.
  • Work as liaisons between various branch activity chairs and their neighborhood groups.

 Group Activities

 Each neighborhood group is given the name of a flower or insect. Groups are arranged by their     residential proximity, although members may choose to join any neighborhood group.

 The following is a sample of the many activities that neighborhood groups have attended or planned:

Christmas cookie exchange; COCO: Coffee and Coloring; Mardi Gras’ celebration at Clementine’s, book signing with local author Midge Shusta, chocolate making workshop; lunch and bocce ball in Livermore; museum tours; winery visits; luncheons; teas; party games; cocktail parties; and…the fun continues.