Digital Media

Our DAW AAUW branch is firmly entrenched in the digital age.  We are continuing our 2021-22 Technology Project to enhance and support our use of technology and our digital communications.

Here are our current Digital Media Assets.  If anyone has information about various branch accounts, please contact us.

  • Our Website here:  (current responsibility: Teresa Cheung, Chris Ritter)
  • Digital monthly newsletter: (current responsibility:  Stephanie Denman)
    Email accounts:

    • General: daw.aauw at (current responsibility: Tena Gallagher)
    • Membership: daw.aauwmembership at (current responsibility: Tena Gallagher)
    • Holiday Home Tour: daw.aauwhht at (current responsibility: Tena Gallagher)
    • Contact Us through our private email accounts (current responsibility: Teresa Cheung)
  • Facebook Page at Please like us! (current responsibility:  Isabel Lau)
  • Instagram at  Please follow us! (current responsibility: Isabel Lau)
  • Youtube videos at  Please subscribe us! (current responsibility: Chris Ritter)
  • Twitter at Please follow us!  (current responsibility: Isabel Lau)
  • Mailchimp mass email platform ( Deborah Wechsler)
  • Paypal Account (current responsibility: Teresa Cheung)
  • MS Access Membership Database: (current responsibility: Joanne Quijano)
  • Zoom Meetings (using Chris Ritter’s and other personal accounts)
  • Online Bridge ( branch expert Arlene Barnett
  • Group Text (using personal phone numbers)
  • Google Drive Folder – AAUW-DAW Board (Deborah Wechsler, Chris Ritter managers)