May 2024 General Meeting – AI Unlocked

Third Thursday Member Meeting

AI Unlocked

Thursday, May 16, 2024, 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Danville Congregational Church

The May Member Meeting was great! About 30 people attended to learn about the San Ramon Valley School District’s use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). John Malloy grounded us in the strategic context for the district’s work with AI. Then Kelly Hilton walked us through the details of the plan to incorporate AI into the district’s teaching process and the status of the plan’s implementation to date. The presentation blew me away as a masterful case study in change management. As I mentioned in closing remarks, what really popped for me is that one of the 5 aspects of SRVUSD’s vision of the Learner Profile for each student is that each student – in addition to being a Critical Thinker, Intentional Collaborator, Creative Contributor, and Effective Communicator – will be an Adaptable Learner. The advent of AI exemplifies why it’s so important to be an adaptable learner, and the district’s approach to incorporating AI models what adaptable learning looks like. Brilliant.
                                                                                         As reported by Ogie Strogatz, Co-president

To see the presentation slides from the meeting click here

To learn more about the SRVUSD plans and progress toward “Embracing AI for Deep Learning” click here.

Dr. John Malloy came to San Ramon Valley Unified School District in July 2020 after having served as the Director of Education (Superintendent) at the Toronto District School Board in Toronto – the largest school board in Canada. John has an extensive background in education at all levels and is a fierce advocate for an equitable, accessible, quality public education.

John has taken his vision for learning and student engagement to new heights in SRVUSD. He led the District to adopt their Strategic Directions, which now guide the definition of student success built upon the existing foundation of academic excellence.

Kelly Hilton is Directory of Technology for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. She brought her expertise to the San Ramon Unified School District in 2021, initially stepping into the role of Instructional Technology Coordinator before advancing to her current position as Director of Technology.