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Annual Funds Campaign

(November 2022)  There are many pieces to AAUW, and each one drives the others to create the organization we know and love. We are seeking your generous help to contribute to the success of AAUW national initiatives. Funds raised by our branch are a critical factor in enabling the direct support of our organization’s mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls.

While there are several specific, directed national funds, we encourage you to contribute to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund. Donations here provide the most flexibility for AAUW to apply the funds as needed to advance its mission by sustaining all of its programs and activities nationwide to create and expand its renowned research, mission-based programs, and advocacy initiatives that tackle challenges facing women and girls.

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AAUW Fund Branch Named Gift Honorees for 2020-21

(October 4, 2021) After being delayed several times from our usual June time frame, four Named Gift Honorees for FY21 were introduced at the Membership Brunch. In addition, we have a fifth honorable mention honoree. We are pleased to share their names and accomplishments with you.

Deborah Wechsler – Deborah has continued to support the leadership of our branch as a main advisor to Past President Chris Ritter while also holding the position of Parliamentarian. Deborah assumed the roles of Tech Trek Chair and launched a new function as communications manager for our branch which helped us to organize our greatly increased digital communications. With the Tech Team she helped update and organize our digital infrastructure. Deborah is updating our leadership plan to help bring our job descriptions and policies and procedures up to the current standard.

Bette Felton – Bette has outstanding energy!  Her innovative efforts to obtain speakers for our branch programs in 2020 and 2021 have been varied and very informative. As a result of her community connections and commitment to our AAUW mission and goals, the quality and relevance of our programs were greatly enhanced.

Teresa Cheung – Teresa worked with Chris Ritter to vastly improve our branch website.  This could not have been accomplished without Teresa’s dedication and skills. Teresa also generously enabled us to have a very successful fundraiser with the restaurant she and her husband own.

Kathy Harkins – Without Kathy there probably would not have been a Garden Tour last summer. She did so much on her own especially with the restrictions we had with COVID 19.  Kathy worked tirelessly to make this a successful fundraiser by going above and beyond and adding special touches such as the virtual tour.

Tena Gallagher – Special Honorable Mention – Tena has a wealth of knowledge regarding our branch, the state AAUW and National.  Tena is always ready to help and give us background information and suggestions which will improve our branch.

Many thanks, and congratulations to all the honorees!


(January 2021) We hope we finds everyone happy, healthy, safe and not stir crazy.

Susan Terzsoli, Teresa Cheung, and their numerous drivers and helpers put together a wonderful and delicious fundraiser for Funds. The Montecatini event raised $1,728.60. Donations in our branch name to National totaled $15,446.00., for a total of $17,174.60 in donations. We still have until the end of this month to make donations in our branch’s name.

As always, our branch members are outstanding in giving of their time and donations. Thank you for your generosity.

Happy Holidays!


AAUW Fund Branch Named Gift Honoree for 2019-20

Congratulations to Chris Ritter our Named Gift Honoree!  Chris has been a tireless worker for our branch. Some of the offices she has held include:  Treasurer, President Elect, and, now President. Congratulations, Chris and a huge “Thank You” for all you have done.

At the Installation six other members were honored for their dedication to our branch:  Marsha Anderson-Landau, VP of Membership, Dianne Tinnes and Monika Witte, Tech Trek Co-Chairs, Susan Terzuoli, Holiday Home Chair, Joanne Quijano, Database Manager and Directory Design and Compilation, and Jennifer Brandenburg, Local Scholarship Committee.

Thank You 2019 Donors

Thank you for your generous 2019 calendar year contribution to the AAUW Fund.  Our branch raised over $32,200 this calendar year.  Through your donations we can create change, advance equity and empower women and girls.  Every gift to AAUW has an impact.  It is a top-rated 501 (c) (3) charity and donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID: 52-6037388.

You join our honored group of DAW AAUW members and supporters in over 50 years of giving.  Branch Funds History