Technology Corner

Big Goals, Many Tasks: Our Tech Team is Off and Running

(October 2020)

This year, our President Chris Ritter and Webmaster Teresa Cheung are leading a Tech Team to upgrade and update our branch information and communication through our website, social media, and other branch-related technology (

Our Team consists of 6 board members (Chris Ritter, Teresa Cheung, Deborah Wechsler, Isabel Lau, Linda Jimerson, and Joanne Quijano) and we have big goals of embracing technology for our branch to accomplish our AAUW goals. Since the formation of our Tech Team in August, we have had three Zoom meetings already to discuss current needs, formulate solutions and set priorities on our tasks. For more details of our Tech Team, goals and specific tasks, please visit

Teresa Cheung, Webmaster

Please Explore Our Newly Upgraded Website

(September 2020)  This year 2020 has become a historic pandemic year and many of our activities are limited. On the bright side, we have more time for various projects! Our President Chris Ritter learned a new skill of website editing. Together with our webmaster Teresa Cheung, we are renovating our branch website entirely. Our aim is to use our website to be our central hub of communication. We want to keep every page current and informative. Roam around our website to find the latest activites, contact any of our board members, and get active to accomplish our AAUW mission and be in touch with friends.

This month, we want to highlight 3 webpages at our website:
1. Contact Us at where anyone can send an email, share your thoughts, sign up for activites, etc. to any member of our Branch board members simply and quickly. No need to look up anyone’s email address.

2. Digital Media at where we are tallying all our current digital asset of our DAW AAUW Branch. We need help from our membership of previous accounts like Instagram, etc. Please Contact Us and tell Chris and Teresa.

3. Submittal at This year, we want to streamline all our branch digital media (website, newsletter, Facebook, etc.) content submission in one central location. We are encouraging all board members and membership to send us content and information using this page. No need to look up someone’s email and get your email lost in cyberspace.