Volunteers Needed

Branch Executive Board for 2024-25 – Volunteers Needed

Who is interested in joining our terrific group of motivated volunteer board members and team leaders? New members are especially invited to let us know your interests so we can direct you to the team that’s the best fit to your abilities and interests.

Our branch’s fiscal year starts in July, and with it the new board term for 2024-25 will begin. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and help steer our branch for the coming year. Some elected Executive Board positions are available, as well as openings for appointed board positions. See the board roster for the current board members. If you’re curious about a position, Board position descriptions are in our Policies and Procedures.

Please contact either co-president Ogie Strogatz or Monika Witte to let us know if you are interested in joining the branch’s leadership team. We would very much appreciate new contributors on the board.

Join a Branch Team for 2024 -25!

One way to meet new people in our branch is to join a team, or committee, to help accomplish our branch’s goals. These committees mostly work on short-term projects supporting our branch mission while enabling you to connect with other like-minded members.

We will be forming teams with current and new members for the upcoming 2024-25 year, andt there is always room for additional volunteers to help. Just take a look at the list of teams and let us know what part of our work best suits you. We can guide you to a fitting leadership position and/or to a great team where you can make a difference! 

Volunteer efforts are critical to the ongoing success of our branch activities, programs, and advocacy efforts! Please contact Ogie Strogatz, Monika Witte, or any board member to discuss your preferences for a team that suits your interests.

Team List:

  • Advertising and Sponsorship Sales
  • Advocate Editor and distribution
  • Communications Team including email, web, graphics, publicity, social media
  • Database and Directory Manager
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Team
  • Fundraising Team
  • Garden Tour Team
  • Hospitality/meeting support team
  • Local Scholarship Team
  • Membership team
  • Educational Programs team
  • Tech Trek Team