DAW Local Scholarships Winners

Danville-Alamo-Walnut Creek AAUW Local Scholarships has provided over $136,000 in scholarships over the last eleven years to help local college women complete their degree programs. This year and last year, our minimum scholarship award is $2,000 or greater.

Meet our 2023 Scholarship Winners

Meet our 2022 Scholarship Winners

Shelby Bates attends USC working towards a degree in Business Administration.

 (January ’23, from Shelby) “I am so grateful to have been selected as an AAUW scholarship recipient in 2022. My scholarship went straight to my tuition fees, which enabled me to slightly reduce my work hours and shift more of my focus towards my academics and hobbies. As I am responsible for a significant amount of my tuition, it has been a relief to know that I am much closer to paying it off because of the kindness from AAUW.” 


Amy Daseking attends Cal Poly SLO studying Kinesiology and wants to become a Physical Therapist.

 (January ’23, from Amy)  “The AAUW scholarship helped contribute to my tuition for the fall quarter of my third year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Some of the classes it helped me enroll in included organic chemistry, exercise physiology, motor development, and a food science course! Each of these classes had their own impact on my academic career and I am so thankful that this scholarship helped me in taking them. In organic chemistry I was pushed to go out of my comfort zone and learn topics that I never thought of before, I especially enjoyed my lab section where we made essential oils, soap, and performed lots of TLC plates to figure out the compounds in different mixtures. Exercise physiology might have been my favorite course this past quarter as I learned so much about how the human body responds to exercise and different exercise environments. I also enjoyed the lab for this class as we performed different endurance and body composition tests. In my motor development class we had the opportunity to observe preschool and kindergarten groups according to what we were learning in class. In my food science course I was able to learn more about the food that I purchase including regulations, regulation agencies, and general properties about food and drink. All in all, I really valued this past quarter of learning and I am so thankful that this scholarship was able to help my education journey.”


Angela Filosa attends Fairfield University and wants to become a genetic counselor.

(January ’23, from Angela)  “I am very grateful to have received this scholarship. The funding that I received from this award supported me through my fall semester. It covered my lab fees for both of my labs and a portion of my tuition for fall classes. This semester was unique as I was enrolled in genetics. I am on the path to becoming a Genetic counselor and this term was an important first step in exploring that passion. The lab portion of this course was especially interesting as I was learning techniques that I will use for the rest of my career. I am forever thankful for the support this program has offered me and that it has allowed me to continue to pursue both my educational and career goals. “


Tatum Hall attends Claremont McKenna studying Economics and Literature working towards a career in ESG.

(January ’23, from Tatum)  “Last semester I used the AAUW scholarship towards my tuition at Claremont McKenna College. One of the classes I took during the semester was a course on Russian Literature in the 19th century. During this class, I discovered a passion for Russian Literature, particularly the writings of Alexander Pushkin. Because of this discovery, I will write my senior thesis on his works in the coming semester. Moreover, the experience of taking Russian Literature not only contributed to my academic areas of interest but also helped me to improve my analytical skills as I was looking at a new style of Literature. My sharper analysis skills will help me when I start my full-time job at an investment bank, and I will need to look at companies’ detailed documents.  

Thank you so much again for the scholarship!”


Shannon Nesbit is going to UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and also wants to study public health.

Meet our 2021 Scholarship Winners

Carly Glasson is attending the University of Colorado, with a double major in psychology/sociology to prepare her for a career in forensics.

Cameron Hui attends U.C. Berkeley and will be a 4th yr. computer science/art double major.  She is interested in film animation.  Cameron is also the recipient of the Creative Endeavors award.

Erika Monasch is a 3rd yr. Medical student at UC Davis.  Her goal is to be come a Pediatrician, and to continue to work in academic medicine.  Erika is also a recipient of the Jane Trittipo award.

Helena Chan is deciding among four universities for her fall enrollment as a graduate student studying public health.

Holly Langbein is a distance learner at the University of Missouri graduate school studying Public Affairs.

Kristina Skrenek is a graduate student at Samuel Merritt University, studying physical therapy.

Maria Ji is studying medicine at the Des Moines University School of Medicine with the goal of becoming a pediatrician.  She is the recipient of a Jane Trittipo award.

Mary Locher is transferring from Diablo Valley College to a university this fall to pursue a teaching credential.

Valerie Alexinian is transferring from Diablo Valley College to the University of California to study business with a focus on finance and investing.

Francesca “Kiki” Callahan is studying at the University of Edinburg where she is pursuing a fine arts degree.  Her goal is to become an illustrator.

Lidia Woolery is studying fine arts at Syracuse University with the goal of becoming an interior designer.

Tahne Kariguddaish is transferring from Diablo Valley College to a university this fall to study  economics.

Our congratulations to all our wonderful Scholarship Winners!  We are proud to help you pursue your academic and career goals!


Meet the 2020 Scholarship Awardees

Christina Adams, Danville, will be a senior at Cal Poly in the fall majoring in Industrial Engineering.  She has interned each summer while in college and aspires to work on artificial intelligence and augmented reality projects after graduation.

Elizabeth Vojvoda, Danville, will be a third year student at Cal Poly majoring in Biochemistry.  After participating in several research groups, she has decided to go to medical school rather than aim for a PHD in biochemistry.  She will also be the recipient of the Jane Trittipo Memorial Scholarship since she will be  pursuing a medical career which is a requirement of this award.

Kaanan Goradia, San Ramon, is currently pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences at UC Davis where she will be a senior in Fall 2020.  She was a part of Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences at California High School in San Ramon which sparked her interest in the medical field.  After graduation she will be applying to graduate programs in physical therapy.

Alexandra McCabe, Danville, is majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly.  She has participated in some projects to develop medical devices to improve patient’s lives and wants to increase the quality of life for patients with disabilities.

Sienna McDonald, Danville, attended an AAUW Tech Trek camp at Stanford in 7th grade which sparked her interest in marine biology.  After earning her BS in Biology at Brigham Young University she will be attending UC Davis Veterinary School this fall.  She wants to specialize in wild life medicine after completion.

Sara Steingraf, Danville, attends Boise State University with a goal of teaching in elementary or special education.  She wants to become a mentor teacher.

Socoro Tamayo-Perez, Walnut Creek, will be transferring to CSU San Jose to major in Sociology and ultimately build on her experience as a program coordinator at the Monument Crisis Center to uplift under privileged communities.