Donate By Check

Step A – Select where you’d like to direct your donation and write your check:

Option 1:  DAW AAUW Local Scholarships

Write check to: AAUW-CA SPF
On memo line write: Local Scholarships – DAW

Option 2:  AAUW National Funds – be sure to use the memo line to direct your donation to the fund you wish to support

Write check to: AAUW Fund
On the memo line write the number and name of your selected area:

      • 9110 – AAUW Greatest Needs Fund * 
      • 4450 – Education & Training Fund
      • 4449 – Economic Security Fund
      • 4452 – Leadership Fund
      • 4451 – Governance & Sustainability Fund
      • 2504 – National Conference for College Women Student Leaders Scholarships
      • 4355 – Maryland Women of Distinction (NCCWSL) Fund
      • 4229 – Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle Special Projects Fund
          * AAUW Greatest Needs Fund is the recommend area

Option 3:  AAUW-CA Tech Trek

Write check to: AAUW-CA SPF
On memo line write: Tech Trek – DAW

Step B – Mail your check to: 

P.O. Box 996
Alamo, CA 94507


Thank you! Your donation is very much appreciated! 

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