2015 Garden Tour

Garden Tour May 8-9, 2015 a success!


Our 2015 Garden Tour was held Mother’s Day weekend, May 8 – 9 and featured six beautiful gardens.  Although attendance was lower, about 300 fewer tickets were sold than 2014, we still had a successful tour. 384 tickets were sold for a total of $12,710. We also had a great selection of baskets and other items for the drawing.  The drawing earned an additional $3,020 for a tour total of $15,730.  This is $349 more than the drawing earned last year.  Special thanks to Linda Reeve for her generous contribution to our basket contents.

Thursday before the tour, we were blessed with some rain and then sunshine, which made several of the gardens pop with color. The weather cooperated and provided us with two mild and sunny days.2015garden_poster_8x8.2_0401

Refreshments were served in a hilltop garden overlooking Mt. Diablo and the valley below. The other gardens included a Certified Wildlife Habitat in a peaceful setting, an entertainment garden with outdoor kitchen, bar and swimming pool, a home and garden blending indoor and outdoor living for a comfortable family and guest setting, a renovated family home with a beautiful dry rock streambed and stunning arbors with roses and Clematis, and a lovely retirement garden carved from a hillside with room for vegetables and numerous outdoor dining and sitting areas for relaxation.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this another successful year, we appreciate your time and contributions. Here is the list of all our wonderful volunteers and donors:

Arlene Barnett
Roberta Black
Mary Ellen Blake
Elle Bonner
Marilyn Bressler
Dee Brook
Sharon Burke
Linda Bushnell
Beth Clark
Gail Clark
Fran Crisman
Barbara Critchlow
Brenda Davis
Sue DeVoe
Kate Dougherty
Laurie Ehrlich
Ilene Ferguson
Judy Finch
Kathy Gage
Marianne Gagen
Tena Gallagher
Judy Garrigues
Mary Granzotto
Pat Gross
Robin Halloran
Jo Harberson
Kathy Harkins
Carol Highton
Kathie Hixon
Jarilyn Jennison
Alicia Jones
Mary Kelly
Carol Kennedy
Sandy Killoran
Mimi Knox
Jennifer Krommenhoek
Karen Larkin
Mailyn Lawver
Soni Leighton
Loretta Lewis
Anne Long
Jo-Anne Lyons
Noel Manion
Maureen Mapes
Marlene Marcus
Lani Marshall
Marilyn McCurdy
Tracy McFall
Kathy McKnight
Mary Mix
Bev Nidick
Kathy Norman
Carla Pancheco
Helen Pearlstein
Pat Pinckney
Nancy Pinkosh
Mary Jo Pugh
Joanne Quijano
Linda Reeve

Caroline Sanchez
Holly Sauer
Jacque Schubert
Ann Shelton
Marjorie Singler
Gus Slavin
Norma Spencer
Priscilla Spinner
Cathy Taughinbaugh
Nona Thomas
Dianne Tinnes
Mary Twist
Melanie Wade
Melissa Walsh
Ellen Waskey
Deborah Wechsler
Barbara Welch
Liz Williams