The DAW Operations Team

The Operations Team was started as the Technology Team to identify and update appropriate technology in support of the branch. Since the original team met many of their goals, it has transitioned into a team to carry out the on-going operations of the branch using technology for communication and to coordination information.

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2023-24 Operations Team Members

Deborah Wechsler – Team Leader, Communications Manager, Mail Chimp Manager
Teresa Cheung
– Graphic Designer, PayPal Manager
Isabel Lau – Social Media Manager
Linda Jimerson – Publicity Chair
Joanne Quijano – Webmaster, Directory and Database Manager
Christine Ritter – EventBrite Manager

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The Goals

  • Make our website timely, informative, and easy to use.
  • Train members to embrace technology and use our website, social media more
  • Accomplish our branch goals through newer technology tools

Specific Tasks

  • Publicize our digital media tools so our general membership can communicate effectively
  • Put together fun and social programs to train our membership to use new technologies
  • Train board members to use Members Only page all the time
  • Train board members to submit information for Publicity, Website, Advocate through Submittal page
  • Assure all website pages are always up to date matching our activities and priorities
  • Make sure information from our monthly newsletter Advocate will also be shown on the website
  • Formulate a plan to archive branch historic information to be available in one area/cloud for easy retrieval when needed
  • Use our Technology Corner webpage to highlight what is the latest digital media happenings
  • Inventory our current digital media assets and retrieve missing account holders and passwords
  • Determine the best way to give sponsors visibility
  • Synchronize all databases used by the branch.  Determine how to stay in sync with national database, branch database (and directory), Mail Chimp email address list, etc.
  • Develop a system to manage database and permissions to contact of potential donors and invitees to branch events
  • Examine alternatives to the monthly newsletter for branch communication