AAUW Art Contest

2021 DAW Member Entries

In the art world women are underrepresented and undervalued. Only a third of artists represented by commercial galleries are women and women working in arts professions are paid on average 74 cents to every dollar paid to men. This is what motivates AAUW to host an annual art contest — to give women artists the attention they deserve.

Here are entries from our DAW AAUW branch members.  If you would like to display your entry here, please send an image and title to the webmaster.

To vote for your favorite art, click here .  Voting closes March 3

Maui Beach – Caroline Sanchez



Dreaming Santorini – Caroline Sanchez

Heroine – Ariana Schwarz

Blue Heron at Annabel Lake, San Ramon Spring 2020 – Kathy Gage

Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse, Caspar, Mendocino Coast September 2020 – Kathy Gage

Saturnia Moth Mendocino Coast September 2020 – Kathy Gage

2020 DAW Member Entries

A Walk on the Beach – Sharon Cohune

Hit the Trail – Sharon Cohune

Liberated Woman – Caroline Sanchez


Prevalentine Camelia – DoraThea Porter

The Dawning of Equity – DoraThea Porter



Women Shopping Colombia – Caroline Sanchez

2016 DAW Member Entries

Caroline Sanchez, Dora-Thea Porter, and Martha Slavin have submitted the following art work for AAUW’s 2016 Art Contest,  Voting is now closed. 


Women Shopping in Cartagena by Caroline Sanchez                                         awaken_6x4_6668 Spring is Coming By Dora-Thea Porter

archway_4x5_DSC_6693Arches in Colombia By Caroline Sanchez6x4_perri_DSC_6686

For You by Dora-Thea Porter

     AAUWArt 3                                               

Color Me: Camellia by Martha Slavin


Color Me: Flowering Fruit Trees  by Martha Slavin


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by Caroline Sanchez – Art Contest Winner

(February 2015) Did you know that only 5% of art currently displayed in the U.S. is by women? This is a serious gender gap in the art world. Also, there is only one major art museum in the world solely dedicated to women artists. I visited that museum, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C.

AAUW hosts its annual AAUW Art Contest January 7 – February 25. All submissions were due January 28. A nominating committee of AAUW members will select 50 entries, AAUW members are then eligible to vote for the best artwork. Please vote February 5 – 25. You may vote for up to six selections every day during the voting period. Voting may be done on the AAUW national website at https://www.aauw.org/contests/. The six winning art selections will be announced in early March and featured in a collection of note cards mailed to AAUW members in the spring. The art director from the National Museum of Women in the Arts will select an Award of Distinction recipient from the six contest winners and an additional art submission will be selected by AAUW for note cards to be offered for sale.

2014 Sixth Annual AAUW Art Contest

(February 2014) We have three members in the national AAUW Art Contest! Cast your votes for your favorites.  Voting begins on February 3 and you can vote once every seven (7) days for up to six (6) favorite images.  Six entries will be selected for the coming year’s Note Cards. A number of our branch members have won in the past. More information is available on the national website

Visit website to view all entries.

Jan Hersh’s entries are “Passiflora” and “Vessels.”


Passiflora by Jan Hersh for 2014 Art Contest


Vessels by Jan Hersh for 2014 Art Contest

Dora-Thea Porter’s entries are “Return” and “Reflection”:


Return by Dora-Thea Porter for 2014 Art Contest


Reflection by Dora-Thea Porter for 2014 Art Contest

Caroline Sanchez’s entries are “Blue Door” and “Best Friends”:

Blue Door by Caroline Sanchez for 2014 Art Contest

Blue Door by Caroline Sanchez for 2014 Art Contest

Best Friends by Caroline Sanchez for 2014 Art Contest

Best Friends by Caroline Sanchez for 2014 Art Contest


(January 2014) Attention AAUW artists! The annual AAUW Art Contest is a great way for members to showcase their talent. Again this year, National Museum of Women in the Arts founder Wilhelmina Holladay will award special recognition to one of the winners. Winning entries will be featured on AAUW note cards mailed to members this spring.
See past winners and learn more.

Sugarloaf Open Space

Sugarloaf Open Space by Gayle Muehring

Congratulations to Gayle Muehring for her 2013 winning entry!

As one of our newest dual members, Gayle is also a member of Los Gatos-Saratoga, Inc. branch. She was honored for her painting entitled, “Sugarloaf Open Space.”

Kudos to these past national winners from our branch:

2010     Caroline Sanchez
2011     Jan Hersh

Voters were eligible to win one of ten $25 gift certificates to Shop AAUW.

Six images were selected to appear on note cards mailed to tens of thousands of AAUW members across the country this spring. Three images are those that received the most votes at the end of the voting period, and three were selected by past winning artists who served as judges.

Our Branch Members’ 2013 Competing Entries: