Branch Creativity Night

It’s not too late to enjoy Branch Creativity Night!  Click here to access the video of the entire meeting and to view the project presentations.  You will be asked to enter your member password.
.(Image from the website “Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives”)

We held a General Membership meeting on May 6  from 5:00 – 6:30 pm to finalize the vote on our Executive Board slate for 2021-22. The theme for the evening was Creativity Night. Here’s how it will worked:

  1. Branch Creatives sent to Deborah Wechsler (, no later than May 4, an image, writing, or audio/video clip of your creation, along with a sentence about yourself and the creation if possible.
  2. Deborah created a slideshow with your creative submissions. All were encouraged to send something. This was not a competition.
  3. We finalize the vote for the FY22 Executive Board, which was unanimously in favor of the slate, and we enjoyed the show!