Gourmet: Regional Foods of the USA

We have a spectacular variety of foods from East to West and North to South, which feature natural foods grown in that area or that have been brought here by ancestors.

We have grown up in different areas of the USA or elsewhere. We have enjoyed and are experts in these foods, or we have traveled to these areas. I will give you some suggestions, but I hope each of you will find and research a place that you are passionate about.

In 1976, I was president of the Hayward/Castro Valley AAUW and started the first gourmet group, along with four other home economists. My suggestions for this group are:

New Orleans Classic, New Orleans Cajun, New England Dinner, Basque from California Central  Valley, San Francisco à la Carte, San Francisco Crab, Kansas City Barbeque, Texas Barbeque, Maine Lobster, Hawaiian Islands, Alaska Frontier, Southern Georgia.

Here is our tentative schedule:
January 9 — New Orleans Classic
February 20 — French Canadian
March 12 — Basque from Central California Valley
April 9 — Tex-Mex
May 14 — Kansas City/Texas Barbeque
June 11 — Hawaiian Islands

This gourmet group will follow the same guidelines as other AAUW gourmet groups by sharing costs, and the hostess will have the opportunity to research her own recipes or accept mine. She will be responsible for assigning recipes to the 12 people participating.

Each person will be responsible for one recipe or two for a couple. One will be complicated and the other easy.

Please contact Joan Reynolds.
(510) 538-0790