Interest Group – Art and Garden

Group Leaders:  Jacque Schubert

To join this group, please contact group leader.

Art and Garden is an eclectic group with varied interests. Past activities have included trips to art museums, walking tours of S.F., trips to Filoli Garden and the Berkeley Botanical Garden. We have fun, always learn something new, and always have lunch during our outings! We meet 6-8 times per year, September through June, usually on a Wednesday or Friday.

We use a very a broad definition of ‘art and garden’. Every year we try and take advantage of what is going on in the Bay Area that is accessible and we might enjoy.    We go to San Francisco, Oakland, Pleasanton, Livermore, Walnut Creek, Benicia, or wherever something of interest is happening. We take BART when we can or else we carpool.

Example of a coming event:

I hope to see you on February 21st. We have an 11:00 am docent tour at Autodesk Gallery, One Market St., 2nd Floor, SF.   The tour is free and we will lunch at Osha Thai Restaurant nearby after our tour.   We’ll take the 10:05 am BART from Walnut Creek to SF and carpool to BART from Osage Park in Danville and Alamo Safeway Plaza.

Autodesk is an American multinational 3D Design, Engineering, Architectural, and entertainment software company headquartered in San Rafael, CA.   Named a top destination by Wired Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, Autodesk Gallery explores the future of making things.   The Gallery is focused on showing the public how “design shapes the world”, with the exhibits showcasing pioneering design and inventive engineering.   The more than 20 unique exhibits show the process from its initial idea to prototype to completion, including failures along the way.   The exhibits will us to experience how “high tech” is shaping the future of the world and allow us to celebrate design, art, engineering, and manufacturing.   The exhibits include:  “High Tech’s Role in Art”;  “3D Printed City – the Future of a City”; “SFMOMA”; “Nervous Dress – Where High Tech Meets High Fashion”; “Lego Dinosaur – Piecing Together a Jurassic-Size Model”. Please contact Jacque  if you have questions or to sign up.

     Jacque Schubert

Page updated 2/1/2019