WEBMASTER – Website Update Instructions

You’ll access the branch’s website by scrolling all the way to the bottom of https://daw-ca.aauw.net/ and clicking the text that says Login. If you have trouble with the username and password, try copying and pasting the password from the e-mail Ed Tiller sends you. Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on a page called the Dashboard. This is your main control panel and where you’ll go to make changes. You’ll post the bulk of your content through the Pages section.


To add or change content, you’ll click on Pages on the left side of your Dashboard. You’ll see a list of all your current pages and you can click into any one of them to make a change. Alternately, you can click Add New to create a new page.

This takes you to a window that looks a bit like a Microsoft Word document. You can add your title, which would usually be a topic name – ex: Advocacy. Then you’ll add your content in the text field. You can copy and paste from any kind of text document or you can type directly in the box. You can also use the little square icons above the text field to make changes to the text – bold, italics, alignment, insert link, etc. For even more customization options, click on the last icon. It’s a box with a bunch of little boxes inside it, and it reads “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” when you hover over it. Clicking this icon brings up another row of tools, such as font color, indent/outdent, undo/redo, etc.

When you’re ready to publish your page, click the blue button on the right side of the window. For new pages it will say Publish. For existing pages it will say Update.


Media consists of images, documents, and PDFs. You can upload media to your site through two different methods:

When you’re inside a page, you can use the Add Media icon. This icon is located two rows up from the text field on any page. It’s a rectangular button that contains a camera and a music note, and it reads “Add Media”  in black text. Clicking this icon will bring up a window that says “Insert Media.” Clicking the Select Files button lets you search through your computer for a file to attach. Once you upload a file, you can adjust the title, caption (if it’s an image), copy the link URL, or click Insert into Page. If you don’t want to insert it into your current page, you can click the Save Changes button at the bottom of this window. You can always find it again later by clicking Add Media and choosing Media Library from the Insert Media window.

Alternately, you can use the Media section on the left side of your Dashboard. Clicking into Media shows all the files you’ve uploaded to your site, so this can be helpful if you’re uploading a bunch of things and lose track of your progress. Again you’ll click the Add New button to upload your file.


To edit/update the Branch Links and Additional Information sections in your sidebar, you’ll click on Links on the left side of the Dashboard. You can either hover your mouse over an existing link, which brings up an Edit button, or you can click Add New to create a new link.

If you have any questions, please contact Teresa.